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Bali, Indonesia 1 June 2017

Gustodian is proud to announce the launch of our latest product – GUSTO CRM [Customer Relationship Management] – which is an essential tool for Sales and eCommerce professionals to generate more direct bookings for their hotels and villas. GUSTO CRM is ideal for such properties as it provides the power of technology to increase guest engagement and retention, while increasing their top and bottom lines.

For more information, click here, or contact your nearest Gustodian representative for a demo.

Bali, Indonesia 25 March 2017
Ubud Digital Empowerment Workshop

The Ubud workshop was well received with almost 100 attendees, mostly from the Ubud area. The participants were treated to a tasty menu of learning more about e-marketing strategies, tools for maximizing revenue and returns, and how to effectively manage their reservations.

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Bali, Indonesia 8 March 2017
Ubud Digital Empowerment Workshop - Announcement

Gustodian will be jointly conducting a Digital Empowerment Workshop on 16 March 2017 in Ubud along with Chronoz and Rategain. The workshop will cover in depth study on increasing online revenues, impving efficiency and productivity and acquisition and retention strategies.

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Bali, Indonesia 3 March 2017
Lombok Digital Marketing Workshop

Gustodian had participated in a Digital Marketing Workshop on 23 February 2017 in Lombok along with eMarketingEye and Rategain. Different sessions from established and experienced personnel provided a deep view into digital marketing, technologies and everything you needed for efficient, high resolution and high throughput to increase your hotel revenue and productivity.

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Singapore 27 January 2017
Gong Xǐ Fa Cái - Happy Lunar New Year
Singapore 30 December 2016
Happy New Year

A very Happy 2017 to all our staff, clients, supporters and friends! May all your resolutions and plans come into fruition

Bali, Indonesia 11 November 2016
GUSTO Front Office (FOS) and Point-Of-Sales (POS) Product Launch in Bali

Gustodian held its first GUSTO Front Office (FOS) and Point-Of-Sales (POS) Product Launch in Bali on 11 November 2016. It was well attended by the General Managers, Operations Managers, Hotel Managers and owners from the various hotels and villas.

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