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Introducing GUSTO Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the essential solution for effective managing of customer relationship, personalising the customer experience and improving customer satisfaction and retention for hotels and villas.

GUSTO CRM is fully integrated with GUSTO FOS, ensuring that all stay history is maintained in a centralised area for easy recall and access. This enables very effective reservation management as well. Guest profiles are constantly updated to ensure timely and accurate updates of guest preferences and requests made within a stay. The integration GUSTO FOS provides an insight of the customer spending pattern with a rollup of the total reservation revenue and request revenue.


We need to manage the expectation of potential customers, in case they are expecting a Miracle product. The CRM is an effective after-sales tool, and is more than sufficient to ensure that properties use and leverage their existing resources to maximize revenue opportunities. To do that is NOT to get a sophisticated and expensive product, but to be able to utilise the tool for maximum benefit.

This is achieved by active, and creative, use of the CRM tool. Benefits will include:

  • Improve customer relations, engagement & experience
  • Improving the relationship of existing customers and finding brand new prospective customers
  • Increase customer revenue & profitability by effective marketing campaigns
  • Direct more traffic to website and Booking engine instead of OTA
  • Increase marginal income by reducing commission expense
  • Improve brand awareness and branding
  • Optimise and enhance direct source of marketing / word-of-mouth marketing
  • Maximise up-selling and cross-selling

Key Features

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Management of Customer (Guest) information and history

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Marketing Campaigns Management (via email marketing)

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Analytical Reporting to facilitate mining and analysing of customers information

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Import / Export capabilities

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Fully integrated with GUSTO FOS

Why Gusto CRM

GUSTO CRM is an effective system in maintaining and creating relationships with customers.
The campaign management feature provides the power to run marketing campaigns and track the success of the campaigns.
The analytical reports provides a historical view and analysis of all the customers, to effectively foresee customer needs and increase business.