Product FOS


Imagine - That you had a hotel PMS (Property Management System) that :

Is Simple to use, but yet comprehensive
Uses State-of-the-art, Next-Gen Technology
Adopt global standards and best practices
Is available Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone
Has integration with other systems
Has roll up and control capabilities for hotel groups


Introducing GUSTO Front Office System (FOS), the revolutionary Next-generation, cloud-based PMS (Property Management System), specially targeted at Small and Medium Hotels and Villas.

Using state-of-the-art technology on a global cloud-based platform, GUSTO FOS is designed for the next generation, with its in-built mobile functions and available anytime, anywhere for hotel executives.

Developed by the world-leader in hotel-based systems, GUSTO FOS offers flexibility and connectivity through its interfaces with Point-of-Sales*, Customer Relationship Manager, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, and Back Office / Accounting software.

Key Features

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User Friendly

Intuitive, user-friendly web interface
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Mobile-enable operations
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Fully Integrated

Fully integrates with Point-of-Sales (Gusto POS), Customer Relationship Manager (Gusto CRM), Channel Manager (Rategain), Booking Engine, Back Office / Accounting system (MYOB)

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Dashboard Information

At-a-glance Dashboard gives essential summary / management information
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Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive, downloadable reports
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Roll Up Functionality

Roll up functionality to Corporate / Group module with control capabilities

Why Gusto FOS?

GUSTO FOS ensures that the end-to-end processes involved in Guest management, from Reservation right through to Check out, and beyond, is handled seamlessly and intuitively. It works with you, the Hotel manager / executive / staff, and complements the excellent service you already provide to your guests, enabling you to deliver even higher levels of guest satisfaction.

Check ins can now take much less time, with our mobile tablet check in feature. Maximize your time with guests and value-added activities, by spending less time on mundane tasks. Let GUSTO FOS simplify your work!