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Introducing GUSTO Point-of-Sales (POS), the purpose-built POS for hotels and villas. GUSTO POS is an easy-to-use, web-based and touchscreen solution, developed on the same technical platform as GUSTO FOS. It is fully integrated with GUSTO FOS, thus allowing the hotel to seamlessly offer integrated services to guests when they are in-house.


GUSTO POS can be used in the hotel / villa restaurant, room service, mini-bar or pool bar, and even Laundry, Spa and Recreation Centre. Consumed services by the guest can be charged directly to the guest’s bill and presented as a consolidated form upon checkout.

Key Features

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Purpose built for Hotels & Villas

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Fully Integrated with Gusto FOS

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Easy to use, mobile interface

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Dashboard and dynamic reporting

Why Gusto POS

GUSTO POS is fully mobile-based, and works best with tablet computers. Order taking is made simple, doing away with the cumbersome captain’s order. Orders can be transmitted in real-time to the kitchen, where the Chef can view and update orders via a kitchen tablet device as well.

Regular and on-the-fly reports are easily generated by GUSTO POS, and gives full control to the management, enhancing tactical and strategic operational capabilities. Managers can even get full visibility of operations anywhere in the world, by logging on to access the system.