GUSTO star*
Product FOS

GUSTO star* is an innovative solution that affords hospitality providers a significant opportunity to engage their guests prior to their arrival, during their stay, and after they depart.

It’s designed to enable arriving guests to maximize their stay experience at a property, by supporting them with the necessary information and activity to enhance their visit to the property and location.

GUSTO star* offers a personalized and customized guest portal, that is by invitation only. Interactivity is encouraged, as well as opportunities to derive revenue even before the guest arrives!

Key Services

Some key services available on GUSTO star* include:

integrated with GUSTO FOS

access to Concierge for information and services

access to Hotel Info for services at the property

quick and easy way for guests to request for services

faq module that offers a Self-service approach to common questions asked by guests

feedback to address pertinent issues to the hotel management

promotions, vouchers and special offers entice guests to additional incentives to book

make announcements and reach out to guests

read stories shared by other guests

integrates Social Media tools and to take advantage of power of social media