Product FOS

Innovative Technology Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Do you feel you should leverage more on technology to make things better in your hotel or villa? And yet not be enslaved to technology or to spend extra on hardware and software?

Introducing GUSTO - GUest Services Tools Online - the world's first integrated platform for the hospitality industry.

The GUSTO range of innovative technology solutions provides end-to-end guest engagement and management. The entire GUSTO product range is web-, cloud- and mobile-based, which means no additional investments in any hardware, software or manpower at your hotel or villa.

With our focus on customers and smart customization, we are setting the standard for online hospitality technology that will certainly delight users with its total ease of use.
We have transformed our extensive hospitality industry experiences into an effective products portfolio, to meet the needs of your guests and team members.
We have built tools that enhance guest experiences; empower staff to perform better; give managers easy access to manage what matters most in their business.

Be one of the many hotels and villas who have discovered the secret to maintain and enhance your services, make more money, and make life a lot easier for you and your staff.