The GUSTO Property Management System (PMS) product suite

GUSTO PMS Suite is a one-stop solution for Hotels, Villas and Corporate / Management Groups. It is designed to take advantage of state-of-the-art Technology AND Industry best practices and approaches.

The GUSTO range of innovative technology solutions provides end-to-end guest engagement and process management; Pre- to Post-Stay. The entire GUSTO product range is truly web-, mobile- and cloud-based. Which means no additional investments in any hardware, software or manpower resources at your hotel, villa or corporate organization.

**NEW - We are pleased to announce that GUSTO FOS now comes with Online / Self check-in and check-out functions. As well, our GUSTO POS offers contactless operations, which minimizes contact with guests and customers, but retaining full system capabilities. For both GUSTO FOS and POS, we even offer online self-payment to streamline and simplify workflow even more!


  • Is Simple to use, but yet comprehensive
  • Uses State-of-the-art, Next-Gen Technology
  • Adopt global standards and best practices
  • Is available Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone
  • Has integration with other systems
  • Has roll up and control capabilities for hotel groups


  • Customized to the needs of the hotel and villa industry
  • Gives flexibility in Billing and charging to guest and control folios
  • Take advantage of latest technological and mobile capabilities
  • Improves customer management, with 2-way updates
  • Creates opportunity for self-service ordering
  • Shortens the training process for new staff


  • Improve customer / guest relationship, engagement and experience, and communications
  • Increase incremental revenue and profitability through email marketing campaigns
  • Increase direct bookings via website and enhance word-of-mouth marketing while reducing commission expense
  • Offer superior after sales customer communications
  • Improve brand awareness and branding
  • Optimize and enhance direct source of marketing / word-of-mouth marketing
  • Maximize up-selling and cross-selling


  • Integrates with GUSTO FOS and POS, to ensure time-saving and accuracy
  • Customized to the needs of the hotel and villa industry
  • Future proof accounting system designed for all properties
  • Adopt global accounting standards and best practices
  • Is Simple to use, but yet comprehensive
  • Lessen training and re-training time, with a wide range of available expertise