The GUSTO Property Management System (PMS) product suite


Introducing GUSTO Back Office System (BOS), the integrated Accounting and Inventory Control System that fully complements our GUSTO FOS & POS solutions.
  • Integrates with GUSTO FOS and POS, to ensure time-saving and accuracy

  • Customized to the needs of the hotel and villa industry

  • Future proof accounting system designed for all properties

  • Adopt global accounting standards and best practices

  • Is Simple to use, but yet comprehensive

  • Lessen training and re-training time, with a wide range of available expertise


GUSTO BOS is a well-established industry-standard accounting and inventory system that will manage all of the needs of the hotel and villa. It is comprehensive, but easy-to-use, and ensures full compliance to all accounting and business management standards.


Easy to setup and use

Comes with Industry standard defaults for effortless operations

Highly automated

For seamless usage and error-free operations

Effortless customization

For a controllable range of management requirements and analysis

Fully integrated

Fully integrates with other products in the Gusto PMS Suite

Comprehensive Reporting

Flexible, automated and downloadable reports

Complete & Expandable

Has multi-currency & multi-property consolidation features


GUSTO BOS is fully integrated with GUSTO FOS and POS, which allows for very quick and accurate information exchange between Front and Back Office, and outlets.

This reduces the workload of the back office staff while allowing for better analysis and management control.

Having industry standard defaults built into the system, set up, deployment and training times are minimized.