The GUSTO Property Management System (PMS) product suite


Introducing GUSTO Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the essential solution for effective managing of customer relationship, personalising the customer experience and improving customer satisfaction and retention for hotels and villas. GUSTO CRM is fully integrated with GUSTO FOS, ensuring that all stay history is maintained in a centralised area for easy recall and access. This enables very effective reservation management as well. Guest profiles are constantly updated to ensure timely and accurate updates of guest preferences and requests made within a stay. The integration GUSTO FOS provides an insight of the customer spending pattern with a rollup of the total reservation revenue and request revenue.
  • Improve customer / guest relationship, engagement and experience, and communications

  • Increase incremental revenue and profitability through email marketing campaigns

  • Increase direct bookings via website and enhance word-of-mouth marketing while reducing commission expense

  • Offer superior after sales customer communications

  • Improve brand awareness and branding

  • Optimize and enhance direct source of marketing / word-of-mouth marketing

  • Maximize up-selling and cross-selling


The essential easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for effective management of customer relationship, personalization of the customer experience & improvement of customer satisfaction and retention.

Automatically send post-stay / thank you messages and birthday greetings, and design your email marketing campaigns effectively and effortlessly. Easily reach out to your vast database of guests to increase your Direct booking and upselling opportunities.


Email Marketing

Generate Email Marketing campaigns, with automatic unsubscribe feature

Fully integrated

Fully integrated with Gusto FOS, and other PMS and products

Guest Management

Manage customer information / profile and guest stay history

Template Management

Flexible and powerful template management for quick campaign set up

Comprehensive Reporting

Analytical reporting to facilitate mining and analyzing of customers information

Post-Stay & Birthday Email

Automatic Post-stay / "thank you" emails, and auto birthday greetings


GUSTO CRM is an effective system in creating and maintaining relationships with customers, ensuring customer retention. The sophisticated but easy-to-use email marketing campaign feature provides the power to run and track the success of campaigns.

The automated features of the system allow for enhanced guest engagement with little extra effort. This will result in increased customer satisfaction which translates to higher revenues and yields.